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Use of this website is strictly regulated by License and Copyright laws. Use or distribution of the materials beyond that permitted by the License agreement and Copyright rules is strictly prohibited and subject to the penalties described in the license agreement. By logging into this website, you are agreeing to those provisions which are set out more fully below.


Terms and Conditions
By entering this website you are agreeing to be bound by the terms, conditions and restrictions of this License agreement.
Payment for this service is covered by the terms and conditions of your labor organization’s agreement with Cline and Associates.  These License terms are also defined in that agreement and are repeated here.

Prohibited Actions
The information contained in this website is valuable propriety information collected and maintained by Cline and Associates at considerable expense.  Allowing access to nonauthorized persons who are not paying for this service  will compromise the financial integrity of this program.  In order to continue to offer this program, Cline and Associates insists upon and will strictly enforce limited access to this Website.

In using the service, you may notresell or redistribute the service, or any part of the service including any of the information contained herein including passing one your user name and password credentials to allow access to the website, unless you have  specific permission from Cline and Associates to redistribute in a particular instance.

A narrow exception for redistribution exists for collective bargaining purposes as defined here. Under that exception  YOU MAY:

  1. Make copies necessary for preparation and presentation of your labor contract proposals;
  2. Make copies necessary for presentation and preparation for hearings, arbitration and other litigation.

This exception does not allow further distribution and, therefore YOU MAY NOT:

  1. Redistribute copies to other organizations or persons for their use;
  2. Allow management to use your access to the database to acquire records for their purposes;
  3. Use your license to allow access to organizations that you are affiliated with, such as WACOPS, WSCFF. FOP  or any other group, formal or informal;
  4. Make any other distribution or redistribution that is not specifically for the collective bargaining representation needs of your organization.

These limitations allow you to research, acquire and present information directly related to your collective bargaining representation requirements.  It does not grant a license for management to insist that you open up the database for their specific requests. Their right to request collective bargaining information from you does not allow them to make use of your license to acquire information that is the proprietary property of Cline and Associates. They will have to do their own research at their expense.

These limitations also do not allow other collective bargaining organizations or persons who have not paid for this service to acquire this information from you or your members. They will have to purchase their own subscription if they want this information.

Penalties for Prohibited Actions
It is important that those parties who are not entitled to this information because  they have not paid for it, not be allowed to trespass upon the website.  If others get for free what our clients and subscribers pay for, they will not  have an incentive to pay for it and either the costs of the service will increase or the service with have to be withdrawn.

To respect the rights of the clients and subscribers who are paying for this service and the rights of Cline and Associates which has created this website and considerable expense,  this license agreement include a  significant penalty clauses designed to deter unpermitted access or redistribution. Allowing your user name and password to be used by ineligible parties or engaging in an unpermitted redistribution of materials will result in a liquidated penalty.  The penalty will be calculated relative to the size of the group that that benefit from the license violation. You will be liable for a liquidated penalty in the  amount equal to what that organization would have paid for a three year subscription. Those subscription  fees are based on a sliding scale based on the size of the organization as defined on the Cline and Associates website. The liquidated penalty will also be calculated on any secondary redistribution made by that organization.  In addition to the liquidated penalty, a violating person or organization will also be liable for any and all attorneys fees and litigation expense incurred to enforce the liquidated damage clause and the license restrictions.

All of your members who are granted access to the Website are responsible for complying with the terms of this license and any violation or redistribution by them is inputed to your organization. You may also seek damages from them as you see fit. As you confer access to your organization representatives and members, you are responsible for ensuring that they understand the importance of complying with the license terms and the penalties for the failure to do so.

Charges and Billing
Cline and Associates retainer clients will be granted a license as a benefit of their retainer. Organizations that are not retainer clients may purchase a subscription under the terms defined on the Cline and Associates website.
Nonpayment of the subscription or the retainer will cause the license to be revoked.


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